October 20, 2014 Notes from Jon

Coming Up
Jubal Chorus in Concert at the
Annual Meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention
Ingleside Baptist Church, Macon
Tuesday afternoon, November 11, 2014   

The Jubals will be singing and playing instruments at this year’s convention at Ingleside Baptist in Macon. The Jubal Chorus will sing in the late afternoon session after 3:00 p.m. and will sing through out the session until the final sermon. We will be through at 6:00 p.m.

Georgia Baptist Convention to Feature Ingleside Music Ministry, Keith and Kristyn Getty, and Freedom Sound
In addition to the Jubal Chorus that will wrap up the Convention, President Don Hattaway has pulled together a great lineup of musical guests that will bless this year’s meeting. On Sunday night the Ingleside Choir and orchestra led by worship pastor Jonathan Green will be leading in worship. On Monday night we will be blessed to hear the Gettys offering wonderful songs of faith and leading the congregation in uplifting singing. On Tuesday morning we will be blessed by Freedom Sound,who serve the Hispanic community in LaGrange, presenting concerts in local churches throughout Georgia. You will want to be a part of this year’s Annual Meeting!

Israeli Tourism Ministry to be at Annual Meeting and Sponsor Dinner
Following the final session of the Convention Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., the Sons of Jubal, interested Jubalheirs, pastors, and lay people are invited to have dinner hosted and sponsored by the Israeli Tourism Ministry. After a quick dinner in the fellowship hall, we will be invited to attend a 20 minute presentation to learn more about the upcoming concert tour by the Sons of Jubal. There is no charge for the dinner but making reservations are required. Simply go to the link below to reserve your meal. The first 278 who respond will receive a meal. Everyone interested in the trip can attend the orientation which will be held in the chapel. You don’t have to reserve a spot for this informative presentation.

Click here for Journey to the Holy Land Informational Dinner