July 21, 2014 Notes from Jon

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Church Music Georgia–”The Best”!

The heading is in quotations for a reason. Many of the attendees were sharing this statement at the conclusion of Church Music Georgia held this past weekend at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. Many classrooms were packed with people receiving vital training in key areas of leadership. The highlights are too numerous to list. One particular moment that I believe all would “amen” relates to the worship service. The service included Georgia Baptist All-State, Regi Stone, Shelly Johnson, Heather Sorenson, Al Travis, Becky Lombard, Mary McDonald, Jeff Iorg and Internationally acclaimed Indra Thomas. The highlight, however, for most was the congregational singing that was as engaging as it was powerful. Special thanks to Johnson Ferry Baptist and staff leaders Mark Cottingham, Judy Mueller, Greta Rowe, along with food service, custodial staff, and security. We also appreciate the relationship with Pine Lake that provides essential support for this large event. Our list of partners that served as exhibitors are included on our web site. They provide a great service to our churches.

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Church Music Georgia Exhibitors/Vendors
The Baptist Church Music Conference–One Great Prelude!

Andy Daughtry and team planned a great “prelude” to Church Music Georgia. Through their partnership with Pepper Music and the GBC, the event brought in several outstanding leaders in church music. Lloyd Larson, Molly Ijames, Indra Thomas, Jeff Iorg, and Bill Coen provided outstanding leadership for this event. Thank you Andy for your vision and planning. We welcome Rob Hobby as our new President. He will provide excellent leadership as the organization moves forward.